“Sport in Famiglia 2018” at EUR

7 th Edition of Sport in Famiglia 2018 at Eur,the appointment is renewed at “Laghetto dell’Eur” from April 21st to May 1st.Equestrian Sports, Skate, Parkour, Spinning, Rowing, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Fencing, Chess, Handball, Shooting, Bowls, Dance, Rugby, Climbing, Shooting, Tambourine Ball, Foosball, Weightlifting, Crossfit, Traditional Games , Indoboard, Golf, Skating, Modeling, Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, Zumba Fitness, Martial Arts, Soccer, Street Sports, Orienteering, Squash, Athletics with Vortex Launch, Kick Boxing, Archery, Hockey on the grass, Sport Adventure, Badminton, Soccer Billiards, Boxing, Beach Volleyball, Taekwondo and much more.

Among the main innovations of this year the Surf simulator, you will be able to measure your balance and try the feeling of riding the giant waves as real surfers, but also the Jumping tower with which you will try a launch from a 4 meter height. Do not miss!